Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Upcoming Presidential Debates

      Everyone is wondering what the first debate between Trump and Clinton will be like. If the debate were in front of a college audience Clinton would skewer a significantly incompetent Trump. But it is not.  It is in front on an American audience and the education level to which the candidates must direct their comments is 7’th grade.   That is the grade level at which Trump thinks. He is no more complicated than, “we’re gonna build a big wall.” 
      For the life of her, Clinton won’t stoop to that level and she will get creamed when she tries to impress Americans with her expertise.  The general American public can’t relate to such wonky talk.  Everything she says, no matter how insightful will sail clear over their heads.  Remember this is a woman who could not give straight and simple answers when her candidacy depended on it.  
      She will spout that legalese jargon that will have Trump saying, “There she goes again with the bull shit.” And the American public will understand what he is saying and agree and as a result -- we’ll get skewered.
      For more on debate expectations read.

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