A foole & his money, be soone at debate:
which after with sorow, repents him to late.
 by Thomas Tusser, 1573:

It's not possible for use to keep track of all the ways one can be scammed. Several website already do a go job. Our goal with this page is to provide a list of good sources to use to check-out questionable solicitations.  

MEDICAL QUACKERY can be very sophisticated prolonging your pain while separating you from your money. MUST visit sites are:
 - Quackwatch by Dr. Stephen Barret, MD, retired psychiatrist and renown medical editor
 - National Council Against Health Fraud
 - American Council on Science and Health 
 - Healthcare Reality Check

If a deal seems too good to be true,  it's almost always is a scam.  Below is a listing of the most popular places to check it out.  Also check our page about Identity Theft.
 - The National Fraud Center 
 - The Federal Trade Commission  
 - Multilevel Marketing Scams
 - Identity Theft Resource Center    
 - Scambusters

Privacy once lost can NEVER be recovered.  How about the kids, what do they put on FACEBOOK? TWITTER?  PrivacyFix will tell you. The Story of Shannon is about Chat Rooms, but could just as well apply to any social media.   You would be surprised what you find find out about people using the readily available tools: SPOKEO , PIPI , CVGADGET

Last are the SCAMS one forwards to friends in the form of HOAXES that are propagated via email chain letters.  Before sending that bit of "special news," check it out on SNOPES , ABOUT Urban Legends , HOAX-SLAYER , FACT-CHECK , POLITIFACT

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