Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is It a Lie or Just Ignorance?

      The latest YouGov poll finds Hillary Clinton of the five remaining POTUS candidates as the least honest in the OPINION of American. However, how reasonable is that opinion or is it just the result of an effective smear campaign?  She has been in the public eye and on the Republican radar longer than any of the other candidates. Also, the Republicans spent $70 Million of public funds in an attempt to destroy Clinton credibility.
      In order to judge the reliability of public opinion, consider statements of these candidates as they compete for POTUS. The analysis by Politifact shows a different story.
      We heard another argument regarding the truthfulness of the candidates. Maybe they weren’t lying when making false statements. Maybe they actually believed what they were saying was truthful. That could certainly be the case. It demonstrates which candidate is more knowledgeable of POTUS matters. The order of expertise is Clinton, Kasich, Sanders, Cruz, and Trump. That is reasonably consistent with the findings of Politifact.
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Efficacy of Vitamin Supplements

     With billions of dollars spent annually, vitamin supplements are probably the con-game of the century, as scientific evidence continues to prove.  In most cases such indiscriminate use is probably useless and potentially harmful.  
     Not all vitamin and mineral supplements are useless. When used appropriately, based on scientific evidence, and a specific medical issue some help. Few debate that we need dietary vitamins to live. But the most common reason for taking vitamins -- our desire to “improve overall health” -- is generally a waste of money.  Quality testing doesn’t validate health claims.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Romney on Trump

      We normally try to avoid the "politics" of politics, but the situation with Donald Trump is serious and needs that attention. This speech by Romney needs to be taken to heart and mind by ALL Americans. He tells it "like it is" and not like too many people imagine it is.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

John Oliver on Donald Trump

     So many people hate the “ruling class” so much they are either 
- willing to throw their country in the sh-t can in order to make a point or 
- they are too stupid to recognize the folly of their actions. 

     I have had so many debates with Republicans over the last decade that I think it is a lot of both. Facts don’t matter; what they “feel” does. This video has been viewed by over 8 million at 7AM and growing by a quarter million by the hour. 
     Several people have repeated, “I never left the Republican party; the Party left me.” Amen to that!