Sunday, September 25, 2016

Incompetent Statements of Climate Change by Politicians

      Climate change is real and to deny it would be deny overwhelming evidence.  However, it is incompetent statements by some politicians that often cause knee-jerk reactions from the community of scientists who promote reality for responsible policy.  In Tom Harris article Political Elite Out of Touch on Climate Change
he notes
In his September 8th speech announcing California’s new greenhouse gas emission laws, Governor Jerry Brown said, “If we don’t stop climate change, it’s not going to be 110 [degrees] in Imperial County; it’s going to be 130, 135! Not for a few days or a few weeks, but for months on end!”
Brown’s statement is ridiculous, no matter what you believe about the causes of climate change.
      Temperature associated with climate change continues to be exaggerated from reality, starting with forecasts from climate models.
      Temperature data is readily available but that seems to be unimportant to politicians.  Those who disagree with the climate warming hysteria are labeled as deniers.  The only thing they deny is the need for this irresponsibility and the establishment of policy and setting of resource utilization priority based on these lies.

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