Sunday, September 25, 2016

Presidential Debate - Their Nature

        The Presidential Debate is projected to have an audience that rivals the Super-bowl.  Each political camp anticipates their candidate to be the winner of the contest.  Each candidate's "base" support will be watching to reinforce their imagined persona for their preference and at the same time confirming the reasons for their dislike of the other candidate.  These debates, however, are not aimed at the “base,” but for those who have not yet made up their minds. So what is going to sway them?  
      Without a doubt arguments pro and con for each candidate has not yet persuaded the fence-sitters.  Many have done their research and actually listened to what each candidate has said.  Probably far more than those who blindly follow the party line or, in the case this year, just hate the other candidate.  So for each candidate to offer “more of the same” in the debate is not going to sway them. It is going to take something out of the ordinary or unexpected to make a difference. Each candidate is going to have to break from their popular persona. 
      Everyone assumes Hillary is vastly more competent than Trump on issues important to a future president. She also has demographics in her favor. She should be double-digit points ahead of Trump. She appears to be barely ahead. 
      For Hillary to out-perform Trump, her government competence is not in question. That's a known. Her lack of charisma, aka style, is holding her back. People don't like her because she routinely appears defensive, combative, withdrawn, solitary, and shrill. To pull-in those on the fence, she is going to have to "open up", to try being warm, and to not be the consummate defense attorney.  She needs to lose the elitist attitude that she is the "brightest bulb" in a lamp. Show she wants to listen and learn. 
      Trump's critical failure is his lack of the diplomatic skills necessary for the supposed leader of the free world. People fear his “hair trigger” and his proclivity to react before he thinks. Unfortunately, it was his lack of political correctness got him the nomination. Nevertheless, he projects the image of a narcissistic sociopath -- of someone out solely for himself who would throw is mother out of the plane if it meant keeping himself airborne.  Naturally, that would have been after he told everyone that only he knew how to pilot that plane. 
      Trump’s debate task is to convince the fence sitters that he is not an ego-maniac and recognizes the importance of surrounding himself with in the best minds and taking advice. He needs to demonstrate he can easily discount personal attacks and make cool calculated decisions.
      In the end this debate will be a contest of styles and persona.  The matter of content has already been decided by those still “on the fence.” Warmth from Hillary and personal control from Trump will determine the real winner. What will prevail? Aesop’s fable of the “Scorpion and the Frog” might offer a clue. .
     Clinton just can't get past the act of deception no matter what the consequence.  This proclivity was a major factor in the Whitewater investigation that led to the appointment of a special prosecutor and eventually to Monica Lewinsky.  With Benghazi it led to the uncovering of her private email server.  Even with something as simple as her recent illness, her deception reminded voters how much she is should be mistrusted.  She again helped Trump gain almost even with her in the polls.  She continues unabated to be her worst enemy.
      Trump only has to show he is capable of being Presidential and his poll numbers soar, but again he brings up the idiotic "birther" conspiracy.  Something that again reminds voters of his level of idiocy and the danger such ignorance might have in the White House.  He like Clinton just can't divorce himself of his true nature.

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