Friday, May 3, 2013

More Religious Intolerance

      A recent Pew Survey showed that Muslims, worldwide, almost unanimously believe that the only path to heaven is though Islam.  Although Pew doesn't have a similar survey for Christians, it would not be unreasonable to expect a similar result.
     When the results of this survey were presented to a Christian friend who was sincerely attempting to establish religious dialogue between Christian and Muslim churches in the Nashville area, he commented, "There are many different 'flavors' of Muslims just as there are Christians; some more open than others to the insight that there just might be more than one way to the top of the spiritual mountain."
      My though was, "So what's the point?  What's the objective?  What do you hope to achieve?" History and current events repeatedly confirm and the evidence is overwhelming that such interactions are fruitless.
      I said, “Never judge the intentions of the majority by the actions of the few (either bad or good).”   The survey reflects the view of the significant majority and not some extremist sect at either end of the belief distribution curve.
      Although each participant may express an openness in such discussions, it is only superficial, illusory.  Even denominations with only subtle differences in belief are incapable of burying the hatched (unless it is in the other's head).  Remember the centuries of religious wars in Europe?  Remember the current insurrections in the Middle East?
     The only way to insure religious tolerance is through true secularism -- ban all privileges to organized religion in general. Enforce indiscriminately separation of church from state.  Religion must be invisible and a private matter.  It should not be entitled to any special treatment not afforded to any other institution, such as taxation.

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