Thursday, May 9, 2013

Infamous Psychic Gets it Wrong

      Even after Sylvia Browne, infamous psychic, appears in 2004 on the Montel Williams show and told Amanda Berry’s distraught mother Louwana Miller that her daughter was “in heaven and on the other side” and that her last words were “goodbye, mom, I love you,” it is reported that Sherry Cole, Amanda Berry's cousin, said that her family in no way blames Sylvia. They still love her and believe in her in classic cognitive dissonance fashion.  Ms Miller died the following year.

      Other people have not been so magnanimous. Thousands of people have flooded her Facebook page to tell her what they think.  Calling her "fraud, lying rat, scammer," some of the comments are: “Sylvia is a con artist and commits fraud for financial gain.” “You should be ashamed of yourself ....why would anybody believe anything you have to say after this?? All you do is rip money off the weak minded people.”  “YOU are the worst kind of predator, offering people hope where there is none.”
     This incident is hardly going to effect her business as a claimed psychic.  She has published 45 books,  runs the “Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center”, and has phone psychic reading fee of $850.   Like water off a duck's back Ms Browne shrugs this fiasco off with the statement, “If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time. Only God is right all the time.”
      The Committee for Scientific Inquiry has followed Ms Browne's career and have published in Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.2 the article, Psychic Defective: Sylvia Browne’s History of Failure
by Ryan Shaffer and Agatha Jadwiszczok

      Despite the fact that psychic ability has never been verified in anyone, that does not dissuade the true believer.  Ms Browne's fans have defended her claimed with psychic abilities and said, “You can’t be right all the time. You would have to be God. Everyone makes mistakes.”  It's surprising Ms. Browne didn't foresee this one coming.

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