Saturday, May 25, 2013

Media Climate Hype

      With the recent tornadoes I knew it was coming. The climate zealots would claim global warming. They are not necessarily those with a science background, but most likely the media types. The "real" climate scientists already stated they couldn’t predict the impact global warming on tornadoes. Whereas the higher temperatures increased atmospheric energy, the resulting sheer winds reduced the potential for formation. The balance was uncertain. Nevertheless, that didn’t dissuade NBC evening news on May 25, 2013. They linked a “claimed” a worsening of tornadoes and hurricanes in recent history due of course to global warming. It's total media misinformation.

A check of the records at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)shows 
shows NO significant change in the frequency of all tornadoes and NO significant change in the strength of those tornadoes as evidenced by those at the EF3+ level
The media has been exaggerating Hurricane Sandy as the storm of the century with unusually high energy content.  Likewise NOAA reports the following for hurricanes

which shows NO significant increase in hurricanes in the last half century or in the Accumulated Cyclonic Energy of hurricanes.

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