Friday, June 13, 2014

Social Inequality and Ignorance in America

. . With the constant resistance against such educational performance measures, such as Common Core, I become convinced in the inevitability of ignorance and superstition.  It is just too easy to accept.  It takes no effort, which seems to be an Americans priority -- the good life with no effort.  Americans constantly talk about the growing financial inequity in an expanding technological world where education is critical a higher quality of life, but America falls further behind the rest of the industrialized world in math and science, even though its citizens have the best exposure money can buy.Too many in this country believe the solution is a redistribution of wealth rather than a redistribution of effort.
. . Data from a recent national Harris survey (2008) addresses these deficiencies by measuring multiple dimensions of Americans’ beliefs about evolution,their familiarity with scientific concepts in evolutionary biology (for example, adaptation), and their scientific knowledge in general (for example, the age of the earth and of the universe) — all social-psychological facts that the American scientific and educational communities must confront in dealing with the obstacles to full acceptance of the theory of human evolution in the 21st century.

Americans’ Scientific Knowledge and Beliefs about Human Evolution in the Year of Darwin

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