Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shocking! You're About to Be Scammed

. . If the title of the ad includes such hyperbolic terms such as "shocking", "stunning", "secret", etc. that is almost a sure sign that you're about to be scammed.  If it's a secret that the IRS, the electric companies. or your investment broker doesn't want you to know, it's also most likely a "secret" that you are better off not knowing.  These titles are "socially engineered" come-ons to get the reader to click on something that normally may not interest them.
. . Just because these ads appear on otherwise legitimate websites does not mean that the reader should not remain extremely cautious and skeptical.  An example, is the current animated google of Ellen Degeneres that is labeled "Shocking: Ellen Lied" that seems to be popping up on many news outlets.  Click on this ad and you are likely to be taken to a webpage that has absolutely nothing to do with Degeneres.  These news websites simply sell space with virtually no review of the content. 
. . These suckers phrases are like offers of FREE stuff that needs your credit card to authorize.  In this case you can be certain that the advertiser is either expecting you to forget to cancel after the so-called "free" offer expires or they make it very difficult to cancel.
. . If these tactics irritate you (they should) and you prefer not to be treated like a fool, then voice you dissatisfaction by not clicking on anything that includes these come-on phrases or offers something for free only if they get your credit card number.  Maybe these dishonest advertisers will get the message.

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