Thursday, June 19, 2014


. . The noise is getting loud again about Iraq.  The level of ignorance of history in America seems to know no bounds.  America can do little to change the course in the Middle East, unless we want to take up permanent residence there.  In 2003 the majority of Americans supported the invasion of Iraq. A decade later the overwhelming majority realize that policy was a mistake.  Now this same bunch are quick to rush into this quagmire that has no reasonable strategy for success.  What don’t they understand about a sectarian conflict? 
. . Ever watch an outsider try to intercede in domestic violence?  The end result most often is the combatants turning on the naïve interceding party.  Sunni may have issues with Shiite, but they have greater issues with Americans.  If you are of a mindset to interject American into this battle take time to read the philosophies and beliefs of Osama bin Laden.

. . All need to be careful with the distortions promoted by the hawks.  In 2003 they garnered support for the Two Trillion dollar war expenditure by the world’s paranoia with nuclear weapons, aka weapons of mass-destruction.  It was going to be a quick jaunt in and out to remove a despot.  Without a doubt, Americans were either asleep or incompetent.  Now we are hearing the same rhetoric.
. . ISIS has a 9,000 soldier army.  Iraq is supposed to have a 900,000 soldier army.  If they can’t be overwhelmingly successful in pushing back why do some people believe America should get involved? Remember ISIS is the same group that some of the boisterous wanted Obama to arm in Syria. 
. . It is time to accept the reality of our position in the Middle East and not the fantasies of the boisterous.  The warring factions in the Middle East only tolerate American interference as long as America provides them leverage.  From Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, none of them want a true alliance with America.  The only thing our efforts create are more reasons to hate America.  In the end each of the warring combatants will proclaim they hate America more than the other in order to win over allegiance of their citizens.     
. . I am always amazed how a certain political party will cry about physical responsibility when it comes to spending billions on a healthcare, educational, and infrastructure systems for everyone, but never hesitate to spend trillions on war implements.

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