Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tell Congress NO on Syria

This whole Syrian issue is a major chess game for which America must look far beyond its next move.  Our leadership must be planning moves three and four down the road.  Just as in the game of chess you will certainly loose if your vision is limited only on your next move.

It is obvious to everyone who has done even the simplest analysis that any punitive strike on Syria will have no effect -- period.  First, it has zero support from the world’s nations, except for maybe France and Turkey, and it will be read for exactly what it is – a feckless attempt of America to save face.  Then what?

Does everyone above average intelligence think this is going to end with that wrist slapping?  Oh yes, Assad is going to say, “I am sorry.  I won’t do this again.”

Second, America alone has neither the influence nor the power to change significantly the course of the Middle East including developments in Iran.  The Iraq policy of George W saw to that end.  The sooner we realize that, the sooner we will have a chance to get world participation.  George W dug us a huge hole from which we may never recover.  Obama does not need to keep shoveling.

For more insight read, “Obama’s Tightrope Walk.”

As Colin Powell remarked about Iraq, “If you break it, you own it.”

With the brain-dead strategy of a bully, the Bush Admin was clueless as to its subsequent move on Iraq.  If Obama gets suckered into this conflict, he learned nothing.  Sometimes retreat is the bravest and most effective strategy.  Let’s not think America can play this terror game.  I am reminded of the British in the Revolutionary War.  They would march down the hill in full formation only to be picked off “in a run, hide, and sniper” strategy of the ill equipped America back woodsmen.  We all know what happened.

Obama your bluff has been called. You have already proved to the world that you hadn’t thought through to your next moves.  Nothing you do now will change that. Time to “fold” and save ourselves for when it really matters.

As for Americans its time to get off the couch and tell your Congress person to vote NO.  Don't wait until we have again dug another inescapable hole and are suffering the collateral damage from this pending stupidity.

As Rand Paul so aptly out it, "Politicians have small brains and big hearts."

It's time for the tough love and critical thought.

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