Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bachmann Out to Lunch AGAIN

Michelle Bachmann is typical of the Tea Party crowd in the US House.  They manufacture "straw men" and argue furiously about them.  They manufacture their own facts which they vigorously support.  Whereas the Tea Party is on the right track, to reduce government spending, they do it so incompetently that it is hard to take them seriously.  Bachmann's recent visit to Egypt is so representative of this group-think..
Samara Shehata, a University of Oklahoma political scientist who studies Egypt's Brotherhood, tells The New York Times that the bizarro press conference mostly demonstrates "a confluence of interests among the coup leaders in Egypt and Islamophobes in the Congress." But Bachmann's "utterly absurd" statements take the cake, Shehata says: They're like "a Saturday Night Live skit — unbelievable, ludicrous, almost comic if it wasn't so painful." 

This wouldn't be so scary if this woman, who claims to be a leader of the Tea Party in Congress didn't run for President and had serious Republican support, at least for a while.  No wonder Romney had so much trouble (and Boehner now).  They were (are) constantly being upstaged by the Bachmann class "theorists" with a confirmation-bias-seeking constituency who swallow her every word as factual.

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