Friday, September 6, 2013

Don't Underestimate Our Ability to Screwup Syria

. . .Think American administrations know what they are doing?  Has anyone forgotten Iraq?  Oh yah, our military did their job, just fine.  The problems didn't arise until we had to implement a foreign policy in Iraq and the Bush Administration looked like total amateurs.  They demonstrated a level of naivete that astonished the world.  Is there any reason to expect the Obama Administration will be any different?  Absolutely not.
. . . Since 1948 western governments repeatedly misunderstood the Middle East and nothing has changed. These countries are tribal societies devoted to a religion into which few non-Islamists have any insight.  With this high level of incompetence, western countries have no business interfering in Middle Eastern affairs.  Every time our arrogant politicians THINK they are going to help these poor backwoods nations move into the 21-st century, they prove how very little they know.  Hell, our politicians can't even fix America's problems.
. . . Stratfor Global Intelligence has had several educational articles on Middle Eastern strategies.  You'll want to click the title to read their recent. Make no mistake, these countries have very sophisticated leaders, who LIVE Middle Eastern politics.
Iran: Managing U.S. Military Action in Syria
Conventional wisdom says that a weakened Syria would undermine Iran's regional influence, but a U.S. military intervention in the country could actually benefit Tehran. The government there has devised a sophisticated strategy for responding to a U.S. attack.

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