Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are Healing Codes Credible

     We tried to identify where Alexander Loyd received a Ph.D. and N.D.  So far, after having gone through pages of internet searches, no success.  We were, however, amazed at the almost universal positive support he has been receiving.  In the case of quack procedures usually there are reports that identify the claims for what they are.  We are also trying to be careful not to let our non-supportive opinions bias our analysis and seek credible reviewers.
     Therese Borchard is a popular writer on mental disorders, especially on depression.  With Loyd's wife's depression being the primary impetus for his work in "healing codes," she seems to be a good match for a skeptical review.  She states in her blog post on 
I’ll take a pass on buying into the Healing Code as the potential answer to all my health problems, which, I humbly admit, are substantial: A pituitary tumor, thyroid growths, Raynaud’s phenomenon, aortic valve regurgitation, and bipolar disorder. 
She adds,
I cringe at simple instructions like the following [see her post] , because whenever — in my disordered history — I’ve turned to easy answers, it almost cost me my life:

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