Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Enigma of FACEBOOK

. . For about a half dozen years we have been an observer of the FACEBOOK phenomena.  A discussion of it always generates two types of response: people either "like" it or hate it.  The "like its" spend at least an hour every day perusing and contributing to the content while the other camp either avoid it altogether or keep their visits secret.  Most people who are "wired" most like have FACEBOOK accounts.  The questions are "why" and is "too much sharing" dangerous.
. . We have 'googled' the "Psychology of FACEBOOK" and the results were hardly definitive. For example, What draws us to Facebook: Psychologists and communication researchers are studying how Facebook so successfully lures us in. American Psychology Organization Mar 2013. This article is far too broad in scope. Our more limited quandary was why do some people spend so much time posting the minute details of their life and have hundreds and even thousands of "friends", what risk does such extreme exposure create, and what are some of the abuses of the medium.
. . We'll add subsequent posts about these question using the label FACEBOOK as we research what others have concluded.

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