Saturday, July 19, 2014

Garbage Telephone Calls

. . A couple of months ago I shared some techniques I use to block the ‘crap’ calls.  I found out there is a free service that can do it for you. It is called Nomorobo. Here is a link that explains it.
Free service proves it can block pesky robocalls.
It works for Comcast, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Verizon.
. . For wireless phones there is however, an app you can use for them
Want to get rid of those $#%@ robocalls? There's an app for that
. . I still answer no calls outside my area code unless I know who they are.  We don’t get as many ‘crap’ calls on the cell phone, but they are increasing. I set the phone to reject those I have ‘googled’ and found to be garbage. However, these cell phone apps claim to do the ‘google’ and reject task for you. Check them out.

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