Sunday, January 6, 2013

God Fearing

. . Based on what priests who claim to have insight into the "nature" and the "personality" of God, whom would you believe would be more welcome into "heaven"?  Those who do good without belief or those those who do good because they expect to be rewarded and avoid doing bad to avoid punishment.
. . "Being God-fearing" is lauded by the faithful as a positive attribute identifying a good person.  That should clearly be a worrisome quality for a person that is not by nature trustworthy. 
. . What are the chances of a non-Christian, especially one that can't be identified as "God Fearing," be elected to high office in America? It is hard to believe that the militant intolerance of the Religious Right did not contribute to Mitt Romney's loss in the Presidential election?  Why was it even an issue?  EVERYTHING in his life indicated he was an exceptional moral man.
. . Can anyone imagine the outcry if noted atheists and philanthropists Warren Buffet or Bill Gates chose to run for high office?

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