Thursday, October 13, 2016

Explaining Trump

      It is often said that FEAR drives elections, so what's the #1 fear in America?  According to Chapman University's Survey of American Fears, October 11, 2016 it is -- Fear of Corrupt Government Officials.  It exceeds the second highest fear by near 2 to 1.  What is the most common exhalation from Trump other than "Make America Great Again"?  It's Corrupt Hillary Clinton. Read this survey at  

Here is the entire list
FearFear Domain % Afraid or Very Afraid
Corrupt government officials Government 60.6
Terrorist Attack Manmade Disasters 41
Not having enough money for the future Economic 39.9
Terrorism Crime 38.5
Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition Government 38.5
People I love dying Illness and Death 38.1
Economic/financial collapse Economic 37.5
Identity theft Crime 37.1
People I love becoming seriously ill Illness and Death 35.9
The Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare Government 35.5

Then we have the second mantle for Trumpism - Conspiracies.  Again according to Chapman University

The government is concealing what they know aboutPercent Agree or Strongly Agree
The 9/11 attacks 54.3%
The JFK assassination 49.6%
Alien encounters 42.6%
Global warming 42.1%
Plans for a one world government 32.9%
Obama’s birth certificate 30.2%
The origin of the AIDs virus 30.1%
The death of supreme court justice Antonin Scalia 27.8%
The moon landing 24.2%

Check out Chapman University about other American concerns at 

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