Tuesday, November 3, 2015

End Robocalls

Policy and Action from Consumer Reports
We hope to bring our petition total to 400,000 today, and 500,000 in a few short weeks.
The big phone companies have annual shareholder meetings coming this spring, and we intend to make sure the top brass and the largest shareholders know exactly what customers want -- free tools to block unwanted robocalls.
But to get to 500,000 in such a short time, we're going to need help from all our supporters.
If we reach 400,000 supporters today, and then each of our supporters can find five more supporters, we'll reach our goal in no time!
We know that your friends want the robocalls to stop as much as you do. It seems like every American wants this. So why hasn't it happened already? Because as individuals -- filing complaints with the FTC, or trying to block unwanted calls on our own -- we can be ignored. Together, we can be powerful.
So please, take a moment to share EndRobocalls.org with everyone you know! We'll keep you updated as the campaign progresses.
Sincerely, Tim Marvin, Team Lead
EndRobocalls.org, A project of Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

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