Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unbiased Reporting

      Finding unbiased reporting is almost impossible.  The "mainstream" broadcast media such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS are often accused of being left-leaning.  FOX doesn't hide the fact that is way to the right.  In print media, such as daily newspapers and magazines, it is often more difficult to identify biases.  Often the biases are subtle through simply reporting news favorable and ignoring news unfavorable to an author's or to an organization's bias.
     However, we appear to have found print publication that makes a noticeable attempt to present multiple sides of a story using re-prints of statements from competent proponents. It is a weekly titled "The Week" (  and sub-titled "All you need to know about everything that matters." It is one of the few periodicals that I find myself reading from cover-to-cover.
    In the May 29'th issue they commented on a "bias" topic which we have been following for nearly a decade. "How Fox is Damaging the GOP."  in which they reference an article by James Fallows in "The Atlantic," "How Fox New is (Still) Hurting the Republicans" (read it here). They could as well have included certain prominent talk-show hosts as damaging to the Republicans.
     In his article he says

Let me recommend for your weekend reading, or for your weekday reading if you’re seeing it then, a detailed study by Bruce Bartlett called “How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics.” You can download the 18-page PDF from this site of the Social Science Research Network.
     Barlett has participated in the Reagan and George H Bush administrations.  He was an early proponent of trickle-down economics. He has worked for Ron Paul and has been harshly critical of George W's administration.
     Barlett claims
the FOX effect pushed Romney far to the right and kept him from tacking to the center in the general election.  Yet inside the FOX bubble of "wishful thinking" Republicans were shocked when Romney didn't win.
Ah, it the FOX bubble!  It is amazing how many otherwise intelligent people believe the-world-according- to-FOX (or Rush Limbaugh).
     Being one of those on the outside looking in at the 2012 election and believing Romney would have been the better selection for President, it was obvious to me that it was the Republicans themselves who caused Romney to lose.  The conservative cabal fatally damaged him long before November.
     "The Week" article goes on to say,
The network [FOX] keeps its ratings high with a steady drumbeat of fear, outrage, and one-sided news reports and commentary.  Two-thirds of Fox viewers say whites face as much racial discrimination as blacks, and more than half think American Muslims want to establish sharia law here.

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