Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Food Babe - Dangerous or Just Incompetent?

     Vari Hari is known as the Food Babe and run the blog - http://foodbabe.com/ .  Since its debut in  2011, since she has been offering advice of what foods her reader's should or should not eat.  The problem is -- she is neither a scientists nor a nutritionist.  What she appears to be is horribly incompetent or a scammer.
      According to a recent article by Mark Aaron Alsip in the May/June article in Skeptical Inquirer (The 'Food Babe' a Tasrte of Her Own Medicine), he shows in example after example how Hari recommends against certain food ingredients turns around and promotes (more personal gain) products with that same ingredient.  The problem is even worse that it sounds.  These ingredients can readily be found by a google search on the Internet for any reputable researcher.  For more about Ms Hari check out Alsip's blog https://badscidebunked.wordpress.com/
     Likewise, FOXNEWS  offers similar concerns about Ms Hari's competence in their article, "5-Food Babe Myths You Shouldn't Believe."
There’s no denying that Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe, has ignited a clean-eating revolution—along with a lot of controversy. Hari is known for lobbying companies to remove ingredients she believes are toxic, including the “yoga mat chemical” in Subway’s bread, class IV caramel color in Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and “antifreeze” in beer.
And while getting people thinking about what’s in their food is good thing, many experts point out that her science is, well, off, which can cause an unnecessary fear of food and other everyday products. (Look no further than this recent New York Times profile or this Gawker takedown written by a scientist who dubs herself the Science Babe).

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