Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Climate Change Statement

      In the May/June 2007 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (known at that time as the Committee for Scientific Investigation for the Claims of the Paranormal) issued a Position Statement on Global Warming.  It caused quite an uproar among a previously loyal following.  Nevertheless, Middle Tennessee Skeptics chose to evaluate this position statement and not simply to march "lock step" with the country's premiere skeptics organization.  Our goal was to offer EVIDENCE to support this position statement.
     As we examined arguments both pro and con, we found the most often repeated claim that "the science was solid and the debate was over" to be fallacious.  Even to make such a statement about such an immature research topic was preposterous and an embarrassment to the skeptical community.  To make matters even worse, the Skeptical Inquirer has persisted with very one-sided and biased publications with "strawman" arguments demeaning and disrespecting scientists with credible challenges to prevailing theories of anthropogenic global warming.
     Although we continue to purchase the Skeptical Inquirer (which we have for twenty years), we no longer offer financial support as an associate member.  Because of this obvious failing to provide a true skeptical platform for fair debate on this climate change, we likewise question many of the less official positions the Committee has on other topics.
     We have added our position on the Climate Change page of this website.  We have made it our policy to share evidence (not opinion pieces) that challenges prevailing theories on climate change.  The debate is hardly over.  Real science continues to improve our understanding on climate change, so responsible, fair, and balanced policy decisions can be made by political leaders.

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