Sunday, April 6, 2014

More IPCC Noise

. . Again the authors of IPCC reports engage in shrill rhetoric.  Their tactic seems to be -- when the facts do not substantiate the claim, then scream louder.  When Global Warming was rebuffed by the facts, then they changed the headline to Climate Change.  Who can argue against that?  Actually no one, since Climate Change is not new. It has always happened and most likely will continue to always happen.  Who can forget when the earth was a hot house as dinosaurs roamed the earth or when it was followed by ice sheets -- the latest being about 20,000 years ago when extended to the Ohio and Missouri rivers in North America.  Now that is some real climate change.
. . The attempt to claim that the humankind is responsible for climate change and can mitigate it is egotistical and absurd.  Yes, humans contribute, but to an insignificant amount and history has more than demonstrated.
. . The big squawk at this time of the year when tornadoes are prevalent is the severity of the weather extremes.  The Global Warning extremists claim that this violent weather will be more frequent and more severe.  But is that what is happening. NOAA says no

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