Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Right Climate Stuff

In an early post I lamented about the absence of an organization to review objectively climate change without a hidden agenda and how CSICOP/CSI has failed in this fundamental duty to which they want everyone to believe they are dedicated.  Well, not all is lost. Here is a paraphrase from the website that claims to have tackled that task.
There are competing points of view regarding the causes of climate change in our current environment. One group has concluded that human activities. . . has caused a recent acceleration of a 300 year trend of global warming.  The most prevalent alternative point of view is that natural variations account for most, if not all, of changes in climate. 
We are gathering together a group of highly educated and experienced scientists & engineers from various disciplines to take on the challenge of evaluating the narratives of both the advocates of AGW and also the skeptics of AGW.
A large amount of manpower and money is being spent on an attempt to ameliorate the supposed rise in global temperature.
This study is very difficult because of the extremely complex nature of the physical and chemical interactions between the sun and earth that effect our climate. However, we are encouraged because a number of the members of the study group were successful in using scientific discipline to resolve unusual problems involved in the national effort of early manned spaceflight to achieve the goals of the Apollo Lunar Exploration Program.
The motto of the Mission Evaluation Room engineers is . . . “In God we trust, all others bring data”

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