Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is it REAL or a Myth?

For a myth to persist it must inspire, it must capture the imagination, and most important it must capture a person intellectually enough that they commit "body and soul" to the concept no matter how improbable or irrational giving rise to cognitive dissonance.  To see what I mean watch this video 

Are you amazed?  Have you figured it out?  Is it possible for a staircase to violate the laws of physics.and basic logic by looping back on itself?

Imagine what one could do given decades, centuries, or millennia to fashion a myth with stories built upon stories upon stories.  We detail one such myth in this blog -- the Bell Witch Legend.  Was it real? Of course not, but that has not stopped hundreds of people to believe in or even claim to have personally experienced the Bell Witch.  Want to know more? Then you must continue to read this post.
Let us start with this statement from
Michael Lacanilao, a film and animation graduate student at RIT, examines in his video series and Imagine RIT exhibit The Escherian Stairwell. He created the video series, "Can You Imagine," to highlight the many interesting facts, stories and myths of RIT. The exhibit, located in Artistic Alley in Gannett Hall room A171, helped festivalgoers search for the stairwell and give them a behind the scenes look at "Can You Imagine."

Quite obviously no physics-defying "Escherian Stairwell" exists in the real world.  The video was a bit of trickery created in conjunction with a (failed)  Kickstarter campaign ("The Stairwell Project: Building a Modern Myth") intended to help fund the creation of a videos, articles, web pages, and other material to establish a mythical backstory for the stairway in time for Imagine RIT, the school's annual Innovation & Creativity Festival.
The bigger the lie, the more improbable the story, the more strongly people are likely to commit to it.

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