Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On this Ship We'll ALL Sink

      The chances for a sane solution to our economic demise are virtually non-existent.  Both parties in our dysfunctional government are so deeply entrenched in their ideologies and so well protected in their efficiently gerrymandered districts that little can change.  We are now on course for financial disaster that will make the hyped-up sequester seem like a mild spring thunderstorm.
      It is very unfortunate because a super-majority of Americans and legislators know exactly what needs to be done. Yes, the Tea Party are boorishly selfish idiots, but they are equally matched by less visible boorishly lazy elements on the left who expect someone else to pay for their irresponsible lifestyles. Both sides cling to their misguided beliefs with such religious fervor that they doom those that try to be reasonable.

      In case anyone has missed the problem it is "We have BOTH an insufficient revenue and an over-indulgent spending problem" and the solution requires significant changes to both.  What makes matters worse is this malady infects the world and we have seen that disease more that once before.

      This Startfor report Europe, Unemployment and Instability is VERY sobering, since history has seen today’s economic problems before and the consequences were catastrophic. The malaise that engulfs Europe is a portent for America.  We remain on the edge of a financial cliff with no parachute.  The “haves” refuse to ameliorate the dismal status of the “have nots.” The problem is only exacerbated by the very real wealth disparity.  The social pot WILL boil over.  It always has.

       The Arab Spring is an example for what such disparity leads to and well as World War II. The Jews in Europe were not targeted for extermination because of religion but because of economic status.  The world now has economic classes that will be targeted commensurately. Unfortunately, our course is inevitable.

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